Jax Panik – Dinosaur

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Ahh… how much we love Jax Panik. Jax Panik has really made a name for himself in the South African music scene with his 2nd album ‘I Am Jax Panik’. The debut single ‘Get Up (If You’re Hot) made it to number 5 on my top 5 South African singles of last year. He has just released his 2nd single off the record called ‘Dinosaur’. To be honest, the first time I heard this track when I got his album i was like “Really Jax?? What the fuck is this??” but the more I listened to this the more I started to love it. I really like the Caribbean influence mixed with the electro. The track is already doing incredibly well on South African radio stations meaning Jax Panik has another hit to his name.

Favourite lyric: Ching Chong Cha, Do me like a pornstar

Watch the video below.

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